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Thank You!

Support for the Vanderhoof Aquatic Centre is strong! Check out a list of past event supporters!

Poster Content winners


Winning Posters for Grade4-7



Letters of support

Please read the letters of support for an aquatic centre in Vanderhoof:

Kinette Club of Vanderhoof

RCMP Vanderhoof Detachment

Royal LePage Home Central




Final pool design revealed

The final design of the Vanderhoof Aquatic Centre has been chosen!


Join the District of Vanderhoof for an information session on November 8, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers (at the DOV office). Please spread the word!



UPDATE! We did it!

With the announcement of a Federal Gas Tax Fund contribution to the Aquatic Centre, total funds raised and committed to the Aquatic Centre are now over $12 million!

Check out the full news release for details.


How it breaks down:


As of July 5, 2016, the total funds committed to the Aquatic Centre is at over $12.3 million:


As a Fundraising Society we would like to extend an ENORMOUS thank you to the community of Vanderhoof and surrounding areas for supporting us over the past 16 months. Thank you for taking part in our many events, dropping money in the fish bowls, doing fundraisers, donating birthday money, donating in memory of, posting on our site, and giving words of encouragement - all of these things have brought us to our fantastic goal of $500,000! A special thanks to Nak'azdli for recognizing the regional importance of this project. Thanks everybody for making this happen, hopefully we'll be swimming soon!


Donations are still welcome and will be accepted - all money collected will be going to the pool.


Co-op Announcement

We are absolutely delighted that the Aquatic Centre is one of the recipients of the Co-op Community Spaces grant! Thank you Co-op for this contribution of $75,225 - in addition to the ongoing support of our local Co-op stores and staff team!

Thank you!


Every donation made to the Pool Society supports our local government's efforts to secure large sponsors, grants, and other funding sources! We're sharing photos and stories from our donors in our Facebook group! Thank you to those donors who have contributed already! Want to join this list? Not sure what these fish mean? Check out the community brochure!



- Nak'azdli Band (Fort St. James)



- Dalchako Timber

- David Martens and Sons

- Sean & Nicole Ebert

- Stephen Bros Contracting Ltd.

- Vanderhoof & District Co-Op Association



- Edna Oryshchuk

- Riverbed Enterprises (Tim Hortons - Vanderhoof)

- Avison Management Services Ltd.

- Omineca Medical Clinic

- Davy & Zoe Dhillon

- In memory of Gilda Erasmus

- Joanne Peerless - Misty Mountain Farm

- Vanderhoof Kinettes

- Northland Dodge

- Lhi Tutl'it Logging

- 2015 Alumni Hockey Game

- Traces Archeology and Archer CRM

- Rebecca Janssen



- Bret & Stacy Batchelor

- J&S Restaurant

- Dr. C. Wong

- Sonny Mayea

- Lindsay & Verna Janzen

- Micaela Coombs & Matthew Olson

- Mike & Sally Makin

- Moby Concrete



- Blue Valley Enterprises

- Dr. I. Wong

- Progressive Employment

- Gerry & Lesley Thiessen

- P&H Supplies

- In memory of Jim Eadie

- Students of Swan's Music Studio

- SD91 Employees

- Vanderhoof Filipino Community

- Hilltop Car Wash

- Stan Irvine

- Vanderhoof Fire Rescue

- TBJ Accountants

- Dr. Douette Klopper

- Dr. Michael Moran



- McLeod & Sinkutview Schools

- Wallace Studios

- Barb Williams

- Jensen Dick

- Peter Ryks Property Services Ltd.

- Bob & June Clark

- Tim Kingsley

- Wild Goose Chase

- Schneider Services

- Vanderhoof Fire Department

- Rexall Drug Store

- Steve Little

- Northside Water Service

- Alan Madill

- Students of Evelyn Dickson School

- Jim & Linda Woodruff

- Westline Ford

- Graeme & Jo Kellam

- Kathie LaForge

- Andrew Beuzer

- Anya Dhillon

- Kavita Dhillon

- Samara Dhillon

- Troy Beausoleil

- Ted & Barb Anthony

- Eggleton Drywall

- Ian & Debbie Stephen

- Northern Monumental

- Westline Ford

- Ron & Lorna Stephen

- Jennifer Hutchins

- Tyler Clark & Roberta Toth



- Danielle Pichie

- Streamline Signs

- Will & Anke Nellen

- Fort St. James Fire Department

- John and Jen Lock

- Ross Williams

- Wigmore Donation

- Barb Loland

- Jennifer Little



- Anonymous community group

- Julie Ephrom

- Jim & Vicki Ford

- Chona & Rob Dick

- Lynnette Delisle

- Buck Fever

- Students of Mapes Elementary School

- Richard & Mary Burkholder

- Norman's Electric

- Avri Raymond



Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who donated to and attended the Community Garage Sale on September 26! We raised over $1,600!


Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Ice Out Event on April 18! We raised over $6,000!

A special thank you to the amazing bands, Sevens Seas Travel for the donation of a prize, the volunteers and technical crew, the pie chefs, and Cowgirl Smokies


Thank you!

Thank you to the individuals and local businesses who donated silent auction items for our fundraising event on Saturday, March 5.



The logo to support fundraising efforts for the Aquatic Centre has been chosen. Thank you for voting! Look for proud supporters of the Vanderhoof Aquatic Centre displaying this logo around town!




With the successful referendum result in February 2013, work has now started on raising the remaining funds needed to build the Vanderhoof Aquatic Centre.


How does that breakdown? The District of Vanderhoof is pursuing the following strategy:

✔ - $4 million loan authorized through the referendum

   - $3.5 million from industry donors

- $500,000 from community members

   - $4 million from government grants


After the incredible turnout for the referendum in 2013 (which resulted in the first checkmark!), we are now turning our attention to raising $500,000 from within the community. Not only will this money directly support the construction of the Aquatic Centre, but it will send a powerful message to industry and government about the importance of this project for our community.



how to get involved:



Benefits of A Pool » Learn More

Here is a quick list of benefits for having a pool in a community - there are benefits for every member of the community.

"Our small businesses need quality roads and bridges to deliver goods and services. Workers need fast, efficient public transit to connect them to jobs. And growing companies count on high-quality community services, from libraries to hockey rinks, to attract skilled workers."

Quote from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

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For more Information

The Vanderhoof Pool project is now part of the District of Vanderhoof Council's mandate and is a Committee of the Whole. Please email Tom Clement, Director of Community Development.

Download the District of Vanderhoof's brochure.

Vadnerhoof Pool on Facebook You can also find us on Facebook!

Mailing List

We encourage everyone who has questions, or would like to learn more about this process and what it will mean to Vanderhoof to have a pool here - to please attend our open houses and public meetings. Please email us to get on our mailing list to receive notices of these events.